Club Member with Early Trident 900 or 750 Wanted by Triumph

For a day's photo shoot. Triumph were looking for a Club Member with an early Trident 900 or 750 who was willing to loan their pride and joy to the Factory for a day so that Triumph could take pictures of it. The pictures will be used in the launch of the new Trident. Someone has now been chosen.

One of the first models to be manufactured by Triumph Motorcycles in their Hinckley plant at Jacknell Road, the Trident 900 and 750 debuted in 1991 (along with the Sprint variant). It marked the resurgence of Triumph as a motorcycle brand with the models being almost bulletproof. What they lacked in performance they made up for in reliability. They were the bottom of the range but remain very popular even today and are a very good second-hand buy.

The new Trident is going to have some big boots to fill. It is also going to be aimed at the bottom end of the market with a minimalist look and a middleweight engine (probably around the 699cc area). Triumph have spent four years developing the machine at their Hinckley headquarters, and brought in Rodolfo Frascoli to help perfect the styling.

IF you own an early Trident 900 or 750, and you are willing to loan the machine to Triumph for a day, then please get in touch with the Club's Chairman.