Tiger Sport 660 Launch 5th OCtober

Triumph will be launching their new middleweight adventure sports-tourer on the 5th October 2021 at 12pm (BST) and you can watch the "dawn of a new adventure sports era" first hand online. Just sign up on their teaser page and you'll be notified when the launch is about to start.

The Triumph team have been testing the final prototype of a new Tiger that is set to transform the middleweight adventure sports category and deliver a new benchmark in specification, capability, performance and style.

The black and white Triumph paint scheme is not all that deceptive - but won't catch on. You can get an idea of how the bike will look from the Teaser video but we don't know the price or performance yet. Still, not long to wait to find out.

You can also sign up to get updates about the new Tiger 1200 that is still being tested here. The adventure bikes are still popular and show no signs of diminishing in sales so love them or loathe them they're here to stay.