Are you Going to Guernsey?

For Trifest International from the 7th May to the 14th May 2022? There's not much time to get yourself sorted if you do want to go. Thankfully there is still room on some ferry sailings but they are filling up fast. As are the hotels on the island. There is a lot to do on Guernsey apart from the Trifest event itinerary.

See the Trifest International site for details about accomodation and the Trifest itinerary. You may also want to go along to one or more of the following.

Suggested Activities:

Bike Show in the Quarry Sunday 8th May 11 am - 4 pm. Bike meet / show at unique, Quarry backdrop c/w nature walk. See the separate information sheet for more details.

Liberation Day - Monday 9th May. Liberation Day is the most important day in Guernsey’s calendar and commemorates the islands’ freedom from the German Occupation during World War II.

There will be celebrations taking place across the island in all ten parishes and a cavalcade of war-time vehicles circling the island. If you would like to head to the Forest parish for a second chance to see The 3 Sixties as well as some great local talent including Matt Bonneville and the Cage Shakers, head for The Mallard complex.

Guided Tours offered by Keith Pengelley of Guernsey Walking Tours. To book contact:

He can offer the following tours at a discounted rate of £5.00 per person – this is a 50% discount on the current Guild rate.

Wednesday 11th May – My Family In Wartime – My family’s story of how they survived the German Occupation of 1940-45 – with photographs and original documents. We shall also visit several German existing military sites.

Thursday 12th May – Raiders and Invaders – A tour to and around several sites that remain from WW2 and also the pre-Napoleonic era – will include access to the newly renovated Loop Tower above Saint’s Bay.

Friday 13th May – Ebenezer and The Slave Worker – The tour commences from my home which has historical social links to the Occupation then a walk taking an episode from The Book Of Ebenezer Le Page – though fictional, the novel is set in real life locations that we visit and place within the novels historical context. Tea and cake on return to my house – parking for about 1,000 motorcycles.

The tour numbers should in all seriousness be limited to 15 persons for easy management in the narrow lanes, cliff and rural paths we shall be taking.

In addition: German Naval HQ situated at La Collinette Hotel

On May 9th and 10th – I shall be on duty at the German Naval HQ situated at La Collinette Hotel – I would be pleased to welcome tour parties on both days – public access is £4.00 per head. I suggest you discuss lunch / post-tour refreshments with the hotel – who would I am sure allow you to park up in their forecourt.

More details of places to visit are on the Trifest International page.