Triumph in Moto2 for 3 more years

Triumph have signed a new three year contract with Dorna to provide the engines for the Moto2 race series. What better place to announce it than at the British GP at Silverstone. Steve Sargent (Triumph CFO) was joined by Carlos Ezpeleta in a press conference on Thursday (26th August 2021).

The use of the 765cc engine in one of the most prestigious race series in the World has been especially successful. Triumph are committed to further developing the engine with improvements coming in 2022 and 2023. This should allow lap records to continue to be broken and top speeds extended.

Carlos Ezpeleta (Managing Director of Dorna) remarked that the past three years had been without incident and that they could rely on the Triumph engine. Triumph brought a different attitude to the suppliers Dorna had used in the past and have achieved excellent results even during the problems of 2020.