Triumph Reveal the New Tiger 1200 Range

We already knew what it was going to look like with the prototype being shown off online and at EICMA (and the NEC), but now Triumph have officially launched the range with all the specifications and model variants. Starting at £14,600 (€19.300 or $19,100) these look excellent value for money.

There are five models in the range starting with the basic Tiger 1200 GT. Above that are the Tiger 1200 GT Pro and Tiger 1200 Rally Pro with the Rally Pro configured more for off-road. Then there are two "Explorer" models with a 30 litre fuel tank, the Tiger 1200 GT Explorer and Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer.

The Rally sub-range has spoked wheels with a 21 inch front whereas the GT sub-range has cast wheels and a 19 inch front. The interesting development is the switch back to twin-sided swingarms with a new tri-link design that removes some of the weight associated with a shaft-drive whilst increasing the strength. Another feature, already common on cars, is the "Blind Spot Radar" that detects vehicles coming up on your right (or left) and indicates their presence by a light on the relevant mirror - but this is only on the Explorer models.

For more details, check out the launch video.

Ricky Carmichael had already given us quite a demonstration with his prototype review video and we are looking forward to some review videos of the new models from the bike press.