Details about the Norfolk branch

Colours: Green & Yellow




Norfolk TOMCC is one of the oldest branches in the Triumph Owners Club. There have been a long and distinguished list of past members who have seen enormous changes in technology and machinery. We have a healthy membership and an active program of events each year. Norfolk is a great place - a bit flat - and jolly big, which makes it difficult for some far flung members to come to regular club meetings. We reach out to those and encourage everyone to join in where possible and watch for ride outs and events which come near you. If you have ideas please get in touch with us.

We have evening meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month at The Worlds End pub in Mulbarton. Meetings are social and informal and we welcome you to come and meet us.
We organise ride outs to various locations, we participate in local and national events, including overseas trips. Winter events include talks and presentations by guest speakers and ten pin bowling challenges.



The World's End Public House, Norwich Road, Mulbarton, NR14 8JT - Meets: 1st & 3rd Tuesday monthly 8pm for 8.30pm



the 2019 diary is work in progress. We will list the planned events here, emphasising that details are not necessarily complete yet. Keep checking our Facebook page and this site as more details emerge.



Branch annual meal
After last years disappointing cancellation (restaurant burned down), this year we held an excellent evenings event at the newly rebuilt Breckland Lodge, Attleborough. Watch out for next years meal and try to get involved.


Tenpin Bowling
We are holding a bowling evening to challenge our Suffolk neighbours, at last they have agreed to be humiliated. Bury bowl on Saturday March 2nd, 7 for 7.30 pm.

Norfolk branch AGM
The branch officers to be selected for the next year. Any member can apply to take on a role in the committee and your attendance at the meeting will be welcomed. We would like additional people to get involved in running the club and nothing is difficult. Only enthusiasm is required.

Sand Racing
Bikes going mad on the beach. The Mablethorpe sand racing event is a great watch. We plan to ride up to Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire - starting from Thickthorn services on the A11/A47 interchange at 8.00 am on Sunday. If you fancy joining us, let us know, and check our Norfolk TOMCC Facebook page for details.


Wrinkly Wednesday ride out
We have invented a Wednesday series of rides known as Wrinkly Wednesday for retired (old age perishers) or any young whipper-snapper who is free. Each will be detailed on our Facebook page. The first of the season is likely to be anywhere, but we may deviate or get lost so basically its a leisurely ride with mates.

Fish and Chip run
Tom takes us on an evening ride out ending at a Fish and Chip shop somewhere. He keeps the venue secret but it wont be far and the stop for food has always been great. This is a Tuesday evening event and start time and place will be published on our Facebook page shortly.



Club officers are the Chairman, Club Secretary, Treasurer and Scribe (Ginny). Our next AGM (March 2020) invites any member to put forward nominations for all posts. If you have the enthusiasm and skill to help the branch develop further please consider joining the committee, for example, webmaster, events co-ordinator, etc. You think it up and we will talk to you.

  • Chairman

    Jim Lovett

  • Membership Secretary

    Mike Griffiths

    Step into the role due to illness of our long standing Secretary.

  • Rides and Events co-ordinator

    Geoff Caldwell

    Supported by other members from time to time

  • Scribe and Recorder

    Ginny Barker

    To remind us of dates and times we agreed about, then forgot.

  • Treasurer

    Mike Griffiths

    Looking after the Branch financial matters

  • Vice chairman & Quartermaster


    Standing in for the Chairman as necessary. Looking after assets and merchandise.



We intend to publish photos of members bikes and/or club members. Don't be shy - send your pictures to us or post on our facebook page.